How It Works

Follow the steps below to use your physical card to access your NFT content. If your card won’t work, you can get one-time access by entering the secret key. GET ONE-TIME ACCESS
1: Download the Zappar app to view the AR welcome experience.
  To view the augmented reality welcome experience you’ll need to download the Zappar AR app. Use the buttons to download it from the app store. After the app is downloaded, close the app and return to your phone’s home screen. Proceed to step 2.
2: Place/hold the card to the back of your phone.
On an iOS device place/hold the card near the top of the phone. On an Android device, you will need to place the card closer to the center of the phone. You may need to slide the card slowly up the back of the phone until it triggers a link. Make sure your phone is on and the screen is active.

Tap on the link that is triggered to launch the augmented reality welcome experience. 

*Note: If you didn’t download the Zappar app in step 1, you will be shown a screen to visit the app store to download it. Go ahead and download the Zappar app and repeat step 2.

4: Point the phone towards the image on the front of the card​.

After you tap the link, you’ll need to point the phone towards the front of your certificate of authenticity (Card). When the phone locks in on the target, the augmented reality welcome experience will launch. You may need to take a few steps back to get the full view.

5: Tap the load more button to see more content.

Within the augmented reality experience you’ll see a button to “Load More” or “Enter Here”. Tap that button to load more NFT content on your phone. 

Still can't use your card? Enter the secret code on the back to get one-time access.

Your Secret Key can be found on the back of your card.

Sorry that is not an authorized key.